Madden NFL Mobile – the coolest new sport game

If you love the game of American Football, this game is one of the most cool games played on mobile for Android and iOS you bro. EA Mobile as the publisher and developer of this game is to make expert sports game bro. EA sports game output indeed can not be in doubt bro, with 3D graphics and gameplay certainly cool. Output EA games has become a magnet for gamers today. This time they launched Madden NFL Mobile, after Madden NFL 15 launched on the PC.

In this game we will build a team of American Football, and in this game there are a lot of players from past and present era, mobile EA may want to provide the knowledge for us who do not know a lot about the game of Uncle Sam’s land. In contrast to his soccer game, Fifa that everybody already knows a lot about football. In this game we will play 16 games and our goal is to win the Super Bowl. Asiknya again, in this game we can also compete against other players for skill and strategy at Live Events. And cool again every Live Events will be many prizes are waiting for you, ranging from top players, coins, player package, and much more.

The graphics in this game also made a cool bro, 3D graphics and pengambaran the players are very detailed. This game also featured a skills-skills of the players on the field. So do not be neyesel mainin this game bro. You can download it at google play store and app store. If you are still curious as to what just download the game here.


How to Play Madden NFL Mobile

How NFL game is actually quite simple, it’s about how the strategy of attacking and defending good. When you are going to attack or defense, you will be prompted to choose a strategy or tactics. When attacking you have the option to pass (throw) or run (run), while the last choice there are men (withstand an attack run) or zone (withstand attacks pass). Read also: What is NFL ?.

Amazingly this game has adapted perfectly by EA, especially for android and ios that have been made in the touch screen devices. Although he has used the touch screen, but the game is still showing some buttons like the buttons on the Xbox One. This means, you still will find buttons such as button A, B, X, Y and even LB (buttons exist on Xbox One). Your job is simply touching a button corresponding to the direction of the throw you want.

In addition, there are activities to kick (kick) conducted by the kicker or punter. This kicked activities you can do with the ball swipe section which has been prepared on the screen of your device. You only have to make sure if you kick strong enough and does not deviate so you do not have to miss an important score.



Types of games on Madden Mobile
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Madden NFL Mobile offers many types of games in it. Here are the details:


A. Live Events

In Live mode Events, we can follow the short game from practice throwing, running, touchdown, kicked, until the last exercise. In addition there are also exercises Head-to-Head and several other events. But at Live Events this, all the events therein has a grace period so in other words the event on the Live Events always changing every day. For every successful event you win, you are entitled to a reward in the form of money and mystery card.

B. Head To Head

Head to head is several times appeared at Live Events, but Head To Head has its own column. Here you can against other teams from around the world (rivals). In addition, you can fight your own friends -which terkonek facebook- (friends). In this mode you are expected to win every game and collect as many fans, because if you lose then get ready to lose your fans. Well that’s how this game might embrace karbitan fans. It is okay.

C. Season

Like a sports league, Season mode will show the match schedule of your team for a season. Every game that you pass then you are entitled to a sum of money, of money if you win will be more than if you lose. Match by match you will face until you finally made it into the final round, or in the NFL called the Super Bowl. If you won the Super Bowl, then you qualify for the next season, certainly the more difficult levels.

D. Leagues

In our Leagues mode can choose to play in the Championship or Tournament. But first we must join a league first group or at least you can create a group league of its own by paying coins for 5000. Then you will be asked to make up the name of the league with a logo according to your wishes. Then you with fellow league can play against each other with the format head-to-head.

Well that was the other what is contained in the Madden NFL Mobile. This game is arguably one of the best games from EA sau with highly detailed graphics. So it is guaranteed not to be regretted deh play this game. How, interested to play?

How to Build Ultimate Team

At the beginning, you will be asked to select one of your favorite NFL team. Which makes this game more exciting is this game has the official license of the NFL, then the club and the players and even the stadium was all right and there whereabouts. After selecting a team, you will get a team with full squad of players but with a potluck or in English is called with mock. Well remember this game more difficult from game to game, then you are required to build a team with class players according to your wishes.

This classy players actually, you can be free of a reward in the form of a mystery card, but if you rely solely reward possible until Madden NFL 50 Mobile all your new team has quality players. That is why there is a transfer window mode Auctions. In mode Auctions (auction) is you can buy any player you like, the condition is only one: there is no money players. Money here means the game money (coins) that you have collected the results of your hard work playing in each game.
As with any FIFA game, when you buy a player, you can bid or a bid for a player at a price that has been postulated seller. You will compete with buyers from around the world, and who bid the highest price she’s the official owner of the player. Or if you want fast, you can select the Buy Now with the maximum price that has been offered by the seller. It was also enough if your money.

In addition to being a buyer, you can also play as the seller. You can sell your players that are likely already useless in your team. You will be prompted to put the starting price and a maximum price (Buy Now), then you can wait at least four days, oh no, four hours until your player sold.

Well, with this you can build your own dream team. Until I wrote this article, I’ve entered level 21 to 81 and the overall team squad have entered the 6th season. Incidentally team that I have chosen is the New York Giants

Madden 25 PS4 and X1 Versions The Graphics Quality 10x Better From PS3 and X360

Madden NFL 25 became one of the Electronic Arts sports games that received Ignite’s latest engine support for next-gen consoles. Football game that re-lift the National Football League series has also been released for PS3, X360 and mobile for Apple iOS end of August. Unlike the next-gen version, EA chose to apply the older engine Infinity Engine 2 for the non-next-gen version. And for the curious, how Ignite engine effects that can only be applied to the next-gen consoles are featured for the PS4 and Xbox One, can see the new presentation trailers released EA today. Here’s the trailer:

Visible in the presentation, from the graphical side of the next-gen version gets increased up to 10x the details, as well as 4x texture resolution. These measures can be used as a benchmark also to compare the quality of graphics FIFA 14 console version of the present and next-gen console later.

With the popularity of football in America, and the console’s ambition of making the PS4, and especially the Xbox One as one of the entertainment facilities in the family room in America, it is not surprising that Madden 25 became one of the prioritized games coming in as launch title for both next-gen consoles in America. Together with FIFA 14, this game will also show gamers what kind of Ignite engine power EA developed for next-gen platform. In addition to improved graphics, EA says Madden 25 also has a better real-time physics effect, new running controls, and a reactive environment that will be visible on the very tough post-game surface changes taking place.