Madden 25 PS4 and X1 Versions The Graphics Quality 10x Better From PS3 and X360

Madden NFL 25 became one of the Electronic Arts sports games that received Ignite’s latest engine support for next-gen consoles. Football game that re-lift the National Football League series has also been released for PS3, X360 and mobile for Apple iOS end of August. Unlike the next-gen version, EA chose to apply the older engine Infinity Engine 2 for the non-next-gen version. And for the curious, how Ignite engine effects that can only be applied to the next-gen consoles are featured for the PS4 and Xbox One, can see the new presentation trailers released EA today. Here’s the trailer:

Visible in the presentation, from the graphical side of the next-gen version gets increased up to 10x the details, as well as 4x texture resolution. These measures can be used as a benchmark also to compare the quality of graphics FIFA 14 console version of the present and next-gen console later.

With the popularity of football in America, and the console’s ambition of making the PS4, and especially the Xbox One as one of the entertainment facilities in the family room in America, it is not surprising that Madden 25 became one of the prioritized games coming in as launch title for both next-gen consoles in America. Together with FIFA 14, this game will also show gamers what kind of Ignite engine power EA developed for next-gen platform. In addition to improved graphics, EA says Madden 25 also has a better real-time physics effect, new running controls, and a reactive environment that will be visible on the very tough post-game surface changes taking place.


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