Madden NFL Mobile – the coolest new sport game

If you love the game of American Football, this game is one of the most cool games played on mobile for Android and iOS you bro. EA Mobile as the publisher and developer of this game is to make expert sports game bro. EA sports game output indeed can not be in doubt bro, with 3D graphics and gameplay certainly cool. Output EA games has become a magnet for gamers today. This time they launched Madden NFL Mobile, after Madden NFL 15 launched on the PC.

In this game we will build a team of American Football, and in this game there are a lot of players from past and present era, mobile EA may want to provide the knowledge for us who do not know a lot about the game of Uncle Sam’s land. In contrast to his soccer game, Fifa that everybody already knows a lot about football. In this game we will play 16 games and our goal is to win the Super Bowl. Asiknya again, in this game we can also compete against other players for skill and strategy at Live Events. And cool again every Live Events will be many prizes are waiting for you, ranging from top players, coins, player package, and much more.

The graphics in this game also made a cool bro, 3D graphics and pengambaran the players are very detailed. This game also featured a skills-skills of the players on the field. So do not be neyesel mainin this game bro. You can download it at google play store and app store. If you are still curious as to what just download the game here.


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